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By on November 6, 2017

It has been a month, since I left my office-based job. Take note it was my best career to date. I love working for a startup and I’ve been on startup companies for the past 7 years. I promise you this thing – It is a fast pace environment. if you can’t give results in just a blink of an eye you can’t come home alive. *kidding*

I resigned last September, It took me months to think about it. It wasn’t an easy decision because I even move to a new condo near my office and adjusted my whole lifestyle just to do good at work. As a millennial, work is my life’s reward. Getting a promotion, hitting KPI, handling a new team is my life’s milestone. It was everything for me, well also because I don’t have my own family yet, no love life and I live alone. I would sleep late thinking about the things I need to do at work -campaigns, promos, etc.

It started by updating my Linkedin profile with actually no intention of looking for a new job. In few days, I got added by some headhunters and invited on some interviews with well-known companies. It hit me hard, maybe it is time to leave. I updated my other profiles on other job hunting sites like Jobstreet, Kalibrr, startup jobs, etc.

I took a vacation – went on some beaches and thought about how my life could be if I don’t have to be always on the rush. Hey, I’m turning 30 in a year and all I’ve ever build up is a “work-centered life”.

Me working -10AM to 10PM and counting..

I tell you, I don’t have that 9-5 work, as I work more than that, I work from home, I work even though I’m on sick leave. I made sure I’m reachable even I’m on vacation, even in a remote area. I work as far as my Skype can reach me. Reading email is my sleeping pill. But, I’m happy and grateful for my job because I grow a lot, I discover things about myself, I found my strengths and my capabilities. I learned a lot of new skills. I am in a position where I felt the impact of my work in a daily basis and how valuable my ideas are.

But, this struck me…


So, why did I decide to leave if I'm happy at work?


I want to look at my whole life in general as I enter my 30ish. In short, this Lady is getting so Tita. I don’t want to just focus on work, I wanted to pursue my passion. Working longer hours won’t help me with that and no matter how efficient and effective  I try, I can’t have it on my current job.

Social Life

I miss my other friends outside of work. Seriously, I couldn’t remember the last time I hang out with them because I only get to have a social life with my officemates. I super enjoy my officemate’s company but I wanted to take care of my relationship outside my work.

Nurture a Relationship

I’m now at a point where I’m looking for someone who is actually willing to stay. I’m tired of pointless dates and casual talk. A relationship for me back then are just life’s “add-ons”. Now, I’m looking for someone to share my life and not to impress someone just to stay. Someone who is worth my time.

Be an Entreprenuer

This is my ultimate dream. Working in a startup for a long time and not having my own thing is a bit disappointing. I’ve given a lot of energy to something that I can’t actually call my own. Soon, when everything is settled with my new work I would put up my own. Watch me whip!

Be digital nomad and travel more

I’m not saying I want it now but I want it soon. I don’t want to worry about filing a vacation leave or going to an office. I don’t want to move again to another place close to work because I need to avoid traffic. Clearly, I am so done with that. I wanted to travel anytime I want without asking permission to anyone and all I need to wait to is a seat sale. That’s it!

I want to study again

For the past couple of years, I wanted to enroll on something but all my preferred schools and workshops usually happen on a weekday. I have unpredictable overtime that I cannot commit anything on a weekday. I’ve listed down all the things I wanted to take, here are some: Online English Teacher certification, yellow belt six sigma certification, Project Management and some other stuff. Some of these I can do it online but I wanted to build connections and network along the way.

Watch my health

To date, I have acquired Vertigo. I got a PCOS, Myoma and I also get over fatigue. I notice I’m craving for more sleep and I shit all the time every time  I ate oily food which is unavoidable with my fast pace job. Oily food is cheap and easy to get. I now have poor eyesight with astigmatism. I think it is about time for me to pull out time to go to the gym, practice yoga, sleep more and eat healthily. I will start by cooking at home.

Work on my passion

Lastly, I want to work on my passion.  A part of me is creative and that energy was long been put off. I need to be energized again. I got so drained at work that all I can do is just work and nothing else.

Have you ever thought of quitting your job? What are the things you are willing to trade off? Let’s talk maybe I can help you.

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