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Chokers and where I got them

By on May 1, 2017

We’ve seen how Ylona of PBB own the nylon choker during her stay at the house and next thing we know almost everyone is wearing a Choker.

I’ve been wanting to try to wear it, I believe I wore it back when I was in grade school but I don’t know anything about fashion yet.

I was pretty hesitant to wear it now as I think it’s not flattering on my neck and neither on my face shape but I gave my neck a try. LOL.

I hoarded few chokers at Broadway Gems in Market Market and decided to pick chokers with a different style but versatile. Chokers are from 50-150.00 Pesos each.

Since I really love to wear off shoulders I think I can dig chokers.

Here are my top picks:

Tribal – I like to pair them with neutral or white top + Coachella hairstyle.

Goth – This would probably my “go-to” choker if I want to go clubbin’ since I love to wear Black. As you notice I didn’t have any makeup at all and the necklace wrap up my looks and made me still look Vampy.

Suede – Wrap it and Tie it. That is the Suede Choker game.

Sweet – I love the gray and the accent on this, perfect for white and anything plain.

Are you on a Choker game too?

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